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We are on the hunt for a JavaScript pro (contract)!

We are looking for a JavaScript pro, plain and simple. You will work with our small yet fun development team, working on a fantastic project. Currently this role is a contract based role, however it could become FT.

* Strong Javascript experience
* Knowledge of range of libraries (jQuery, Backbone, Bootstrap, D3.js)
* High performance website experience
* Cross-browser UI experience
* Good CSS3 and HTML5 experience
* Single Page Application development
* Django, PostgreSQL, Python experience a plus

Send through your CV to, including what sets you
apart from everyone else and why we should bring you on.

Top 10 Auto Brands in Canada and USA on Social Media

One hot subject area of chatter in Canada and the USA is cars. We love our cars, trucks, ATV’s…well anything it seems, with a motor and wheels. So we took a drive into online chatter about mid-size family sedans. What? Why? I know. To us we figured that the mid-size car market wouldn’t see a lot of consumer chatter. We were wrong. There’s a lot of chatter about that good old staple of the surburban-urban road – the 4 door sedan. Here’s the top 10 sedans in the US and Canada in social media.

Canada Top Mid-Size Sedans on Social Media & News Media
There are an awful lot of similarities between Canadians and Americans. That includes car makes, since many Canadians drive American vehicles. We based our brands we researched from J.D. Power and Consumer Reports definition of a mid-size sedan.

Canada Top Sedans









American Top Mid-Size Sedans on Social Media & News Media
Not a lot of difference but hey, there are always some. The Honda Accord had more discussion among men than women. Women also seem to talk more about the Jetta. These are just overall volume of mentions…hey this is on our own dime so we didn’t go digging too deep on specifics.

USA-Top Sedans









The Return of the American Auto in the Consumer Brain
As we did this research, we also wanted to use our ability to go back in time and understand historical trends. We looked at discussion of cars by countries of origin back to 2008 (right about the time of the big American auto brand bail-outs.) Seems American cars have made a bit of a comeback, lead, we found, by Ford, who enjoyed the largest volume of mentions. We looked at a total of 100,000 discussions per year and out of those which vehicle makes were mentioned the most. We did not dig into the why; that might be for another post.

Auto Maker Chatter


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