Get Out Of Your Urban Cocoon With Social Media

Griping about problems in your city or community? Traffic fixes like roundabouts? Oversized city council or political budgets and spending…the list goes on. So you write a blog post, fire off a “tweet” and maybe start a Facebook group to rally folks…and you wonder why your community has all these issues. You’re not alone.

In our research, we cover a lot of communities in Canada, the U.S. and UK. Sometimes at a bigger city level, sometimes within smaller urban centres. What we’ve come to find is…these problems we think are in just our community, aren’t. In fact, they’re often common, systemic issues. Issues all areas are coming to grips with as they grow, populations change and generational gaps ensue.

Next time you’re about to post a rant on why just your town, city or region is facing issue “A” or “X” take a moment and do some research on similar sized communities within your region or on the other side of the country. I suspect you’ll quickly find you’re not alone. Citizens and governments are looking at solutions to problems everywhere, everyday.

Social Media tools can be an excellent way to connect similar communities to engage in dialog. If a similar town to yours finds a solution, that may help your community. These solutions or forums for discussion, can be shared in Social Media. Imagine, two towns on opposite sides of the country working together on a similar problem…twice the brain power finding a solution.

(Author: G. Crouch)