Content Usage Differences in Social Media

So you’re 40 something and you’re a hobby photographer with a nice DSLR you paid some good money for. You understand f-stop and ISO isn’t just a quality control system. You upload and share your photo’s. Then chances are the 90% of you edit your photo’s on your PC/Mac and then upload them. But not too much editing. Or perhaps you’re 20 or under…you take photo’s like mad everywhere. But you’re more into friend and party photo’s and you prefer to add captions, change colours and do all kinds of funky things with an image – and you’ll do it in browser online.

Our research through over 200 reports now across a wide spectrum of industry sectors, shows that age groups engage with digital media very differently. If you’re a marketer reading this – listen up. An example to engage with the younger generations is giving them digital content they can manipulate. That’s been done, yes. Perhaps most famously with Jeep and it failed miserably. Still, opportunities exist.

Once you hit the 30+ crowd however, they are less likely to manipulate photo images, are more concsious of what they post and where. In fact, the 30+ crowd tends to be a bit snooty with their content. They have less comfort with some of the technologies and spend less time manipulating digital content. Our research shows that about 15% of an over 30 audience will take to manipulating content. Under 20? About 80% will tend to manipulate digital content.

Much of this is simply logical – the older the person the less technology they’ve interacted with and the less time they’ll spend to learn and manipulate.

Understanding how different generations prefer their content and manipulate it can be crucial to planning a campaign or developing the creative elements.