Who Won’t Be Engaging in Social Media?

There’s always the marketing hype of “everyone’s on social media, so get on board…” But not everyone is engaging in social media. Or at least, not as themselves; and we’re not talking lurkers, creepers and hackers. We’re talking every day folks. Here’s a list of the types of people you’re not likely to hear very much about or from and if they are online, they’re usually quiet and lock down their privacy.

Prosecutors: Having an open Facebook profile (or perhaps a Facebook account at all) or Google+ profile or putting their name out there in a significant form and contributing a lot – not likely. It would be easy for criminals they convicted to get information on them. This could put themselves, family, friends and co-workers at risk.

Correctional Workers: Pretty much for the same reason as prosecuting attorneys.

Military Personnel: Some military personnel work in rather classified areas. They may use anonymous avatars, but will be very low-key if engaged.

Police Officers: Some may be more visible than others, but they run the same safety risks as prosecutors and corrections officers.

Lawyers: Some are very active in social media, while others will keep a low profile or be very conscious of how and when they engage.

Government Personnel: Some government personnel, perhaps senior management, won’t be very active in social media. This may range from not wanting to engage with staff to being very busy as it is or to having to maintain a low or zero profile due to the nature of their work.

At Risk Executives: By this we mean senior management in companies that are in controversial sectors, such as the resource extraction sector or chemicals. There are activist groups that are more militant in nature and may pose a security risk, while there are others that might spam them or cause problems. These executives need to keep a low or zero profile.

Can you think of others? Why not add them here…