HM the Queen & Royal Family Sentiment Analysis

The diamond jubilee for Her Majesty the Queen starts on June 1st so we thought we’d take a light hearted look at the sentiment regarding the Queen in Canada as well as Prince Charles and Prince William from 2008 to 2012. We decided to take a historical look at these top Royals as there have been many changes and events in the world and Commonwealth countries in the past four years. As you can be seen below, HRH Prince William saw a significant uptick in positive sentiment after the announcement and Royal Wedding to Kate.  We did not include HRH Prince Harry in our research and excluded comments regarding Kate as well. Our software accounts for sockpupetting attempts to exclude such commentary.

HM The Queen | Sentiment
Sample size here was  9,000 people across Canada. We weight and account for population variations by province to provide a more equitable view of sentiment. We reduced the analysed sample size from a total of over 2.5 Million comments taken from 2008 to 2012. We believe a sample size of 9,000 individual comments per province to be a reasonable sample size.


HRH Prince Charles | Sentiment
As with Queen Elizabeth, we used the same representative methodology, but overall comment volume was less than the Queen. Thus we decided a 5,000 individual per province sample size was reasonable. A positive uptick in regards to Prince Charles in 2012 is likely attributable to his recent visit to Canada. It may be interesting to analyse this sentiment post visit.


HRH Prince William
The same methodology applied, but Prince William has a much higher volume of commentary than even the Queen and certainly Prince Charles. Positive sentiment has picked up significantly since the marriage of William and Kate.