How A SmartPhone & Social Media Can Kill A Restaurant

We all have our favourite place to eat and it’s about a 80% chance that if you’re reading this blog you have a smartphone (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry etc.) that has a camera. Right? That camera can either propel a restaurants sales or potentially kill sales. Why?

How The SmartPhone & Social Media Can Take Down A Restaurant
It takes about 1.5-2 seconds to snap a photo of the plate that the waiter just set in front of the customer. It takes the same amount of time for that very same photo to be uploaded to Twitter, Facebook, a blog and Google+ or more…no, the customer doesn’t have to send it to each of those channels…they only have to hit “share” once and it’s on it’s merry way to as many social media apps as the customer uses.

It Gets Worse or Better
If you think that the photo they just snapped is only going to their friends…think again. If its a really bad or really good plating, it will spread even further. This is called “amplification” and it can be good and bad…since you might think a person only has a small collection of friends…but who are their friends friends? While taste is certainly key along with quality, all chefs know, presentation sets the stage for the experience. A very cool plate in front of a customer is picture-worthy and a great picture can lead to great sales.

Our Research Backs This Up
In some of our recent research into the sharing of images, out of the 3,500 individuals we sampled (based on tagged photo’s in a tag cloud measurement) we found that roughly 12% of the shared photo’s (via Instagram, Facebook, Flickr etc.) those most shared were from a restaurant experience – good and bad.

Your Biggest Advertisement Expense Is Your Plate
What this would suggest is that a restaurants plate dressing is now a key part of your marketing strategy. What better than when someone shares a picture of an awesome looking plate of delicious grub is served up hot and fresh in front of them…and they send that picture to 200 of their friends and those friends share it forward…that is “word-of-picture” advertising and goes a long way in getting you more and repeat customers.