The Top Odd Social Media Research Requests

We’ve completed over 280 and research projects for clients now in sectors covering healthcare, oil & gas, non-profits, governments, tourism and more. Along the way, we’ve received some strange requests for research, investigations or doing other analytical work…keeping in mind our research is all cyberspace focused; social media, news media etc. So we thought we’d share some of the odder requests we get…we shared some a couple of years ago, so here’s the latest.

Is President Obama an Alien?
We had a good chuckle with this one. We can say the request came from the U.S. itself. This person or group, thought perhaps there was evidence online through social media channels or elsewhere, that President Obama is an alien. So after a good chuckle we declined.

Why Isn’t My Cat Popular?
This lady had spent a fair bit of time building up her cat’s profile on Facebook and wanted to start “tweeting” on behalf of her cat. She only had a few hundred “likes” on Facebook and felt her cat was very funny and cute and deserved more followers. She wanted to know what the problem was – with people. Moved right along on that one…

Strategy for Selling Weed Online
Via an anonymous email, this person wanted some research into the best ways to sell marijuana via social media without being caught by the police. That person was smart to use an anonymous email address at least, not so smart on the request point.

Will Pay Based on The Riches We Shall Make
We get a few of these in varying flavours every year. Some person has invented something or come up with a great marketing idea. If we’ll do the market research and help them with a social media strategy, they will pay us vast sums of money from the riches they will make…surefire guaranteed success! Uhm, pass…

Can We Delete Our Competitors Social Media Content
Yes indeed. We have a magic wand to wave at the mystical Web and all you’re competitions content will be wiped away in an instant. This was a good chuckle for the team indeed. And a reminder to anyone that no, content cannot be deleted unless every server it is on in the world deletes it or shuts down.

Heartbreaker: Could We Find a Missing Person?
We actually wish we could. It would be a great service. This was a hard one to take from an obviously distressed patient. It’s the kind of miracle we would love to be able to perform.

Please Prove Christianity is the Number One Online Religion
Spirituality is, we believe, and important part of human existence. These guys were a tad over the top however, convinced that Christianity was the most popular religion in the world and it could be proved with some online research. We do not conduct any work for any religious groups. Our goal is to ne as neutral as possible.