Consultant Team

While technology has come a long way, nothing makes up for human experience and knowledge. That’s why we’ve built a strong team of consultants who work on each project. Consulting teams are stood up based on specific project needs.

Senior Consulting Fellows

Susan Soux, MA
Director, Vancouver Bureau | Cultural Anthropologist
– UN Peace Operations
–  Political Economy Analysis
– Human & Indigenous Rights
– Corporate Social Responsibility

Chief Superintendent David Beer, MA (Ret’d) (RCMP)
Director, Ottawa Bureau | International Policing
– Rule of Law
– Operational Security & Criminal Intelligence
– Risk + Threat Analysis

Brigadier General Gregory Mitchell, C.D. MPA (Ret’d)
Senior Advisor – Military Affairs | Senior Consulting Fellow
– International Peacekeeping + Peace Operations
– Civil Society
– Public Policy & Admininistration

 Louis Guay, MA
Senior Consulting Fellow
– Corporate Social Responsibility
–  United Nations Aspects
– Public Policy + International Relations

Rufino Perez de la Sierra, CT
Director, Translation & Language Services | Latin American Culture
– Translation Management
– Civil Society – Latin America + Caribbean

Alan Breakspear, MBA (Ret’d, ADM, CSIS)
– Corporate Intelligence
– Intelligence Gathering + Analysis
– Rule of Law

Andrea Colson, MPA
Research Analyst | Calgary Bureau
– Civil Society
– Public Administration + Public Policy (domestic)

Research & Analyst Team Members:

Mwagai Murikuri, MA – International Relations + Civil Society
Olivia Richman, BA – Rule of Law
Fritz Bontekoe, LLB – International Law
Raina Naseef, MSc. – Arabic & Middle East Culture, Technology
Tony Thibault, BA – Tourism Market Analyst & Researcher
Christina Carew, ABC – Stakeholder Relations & PR