Irregular Competitors

We don’t quite agree with the term “Irregular Competitors” as we prefer to call them “Influence Competitors” – because in this case, that is what you are dealing with. The issue of influence. As a corporation or government department, you’re trying to influence public opinion or at the very least, better inform the public. But in today’s hyper-connected world, you have no choice but to acknowledge and work with the impacts of social media and the impacts of influence. By anyone or any organisation.

Who Are The Influence Competitors?
In most cases, they are Non-Profit Organisations or Non-Governmental Organisations that are opposed to your agenda. In the majority of situations, they are working to influence citizen and consumer opinion in a direction that may not be economically viable. These are often activist groups who are cost-effectively reaching citizens and consumers and countering the messages government departments, traditional lobbyists and corporations are using.

While You Spend Millions on Television & Newspaper Advertising
Influence Competitors such as activist groups, are engaging your target audience quickly and far more effectively. They are using social media tools to engage in discussion and ensuring the petition you don’t want signed gets signed. Because your audience isn’t watching television and they are getting their news from Facebook, blogs, Twitter and other sources. They never saw your message. But they saw the views and opinions of the Influence Competitors who are competing against you to influence your very audience.

Understand Your Influence Competitors
Since 2008 we’ve been helping governments and corporations understand who is competing with them when it comes to issues around government relations, legislative changes, lobbying activities, facilities security and even human resource security. ┬áSocial Media monitoring tools will never help you identify these threats. They may provide clues. They won’t provide the detailed information on who is connected to whom and how. Who really has influence and who has authority, why? Where? How much? These are the questions we answer. This is the intelligence we provide.

The Impact of Influence Competitors
Whether you call them Irregular Competitors or Influence Competitors, they can cost your organisation significant amounts in terms of real dollars and policy development. You may not even realise where the opposition came from – until it’s too late.

  • Government policy making
  • Legislative changes and new bills
  • Citizen views and opinions on major environmental projects
  • Share price falls
  • Stakeholder relations
  • Investor relations
  • Corporate Social Responsibility programs and campaigns
  • Lobbying campaigns
  • Shareholder meetings

The impacts can be broad and deep or quick and painful, resulting in legislative changes that can destroy revenue streams or even companies. Opposition rallies that can bring down governments. Today, the effects and reach of social media channels can no longer be ignored. Only one company has developed the analytical software and has the deep, experienced team that can help. That’s MediaBadger. We’ve been helping clients step away from the brink of disaster since 2008.

We are a market leading intelligence and analytics software firm with a professional services team that includes intelligence analysis, sociologists, anthropologists, rule of law, international policing, criminal intelligence, reputation management, investor relation, government relations and economic development consultants with masters degrees and years of experience.