Public Sector

Our Public Sector Practice is also known as our Public Policy Practice. This is where we work in peace operations and international development, domestic policy and foreign relations sectors. Our research helps aid agencies, government foreign relations and domestic departments understand citizen, non-state and state actor issues.

Domestic Impact Analysis: In this area, our research into digital media can help government and NGO’s understand citizen opinion on foreign policy and activities in a domestic environment. This is accomplished through passive listening and analysis using our Artificial Intelligence Engine (AI Engine) to assess key data backed up by human expert analysis.

Foreign Policy Impact: What impact is your foreign policy having on the intended foreign country? How are citizens feeling and what are their opinions? While traditional surveys remain important, our analysis of digital channels (social media and news media sources) means we can provide an extra layer of sentiment, mood and views previously unavailable.

Aid Relief Analysis: Is your aid project having the impact you wanted it to? What are the news media issues or citizen opinions? Here’s where we can provide key insights that can help validate relief efforts or identify additional areas of need.

Diaspora and Non-State Actor Research: We have a deep and extensive map of diaspora communities online. Additionally, we can map connections and engagement methods or key messaging of these communities and non-state actors on issues of concern.

Our Technology & Approach
Our technology is comprised of a proprietary search engine and layer of Artificial Intelligence (AI Engine) developed in partnership with Dalhousie University Faculty of Computer Science, Natural Language Processing department. In addition we have a strong network of country-specific experts (past UN staff or agency personnel and academics with extensive field experience) and language experts along with experts in the fields of social anthropology and sociology.

Each project is customized to the specific needs and depths of the organization. We can provide security clearances where necessary. We do not actively conduct research for security or intelligence agencies. We do not provide research for political parties.