Tourism Research

Our research into tourism markets using Open Big Data has helped operators and authorities around the world. We provide a whole new form of market research that offers powerful new insights; never before available via Big Data. We can identify new, niche markets to put more heads in beds, find new sales opportunities for conventions, and help clients make the most of their online marketing. Tourism operators today know that the Internet and social media play a vital role in their destination marketing strategies – we help you reduce the costs to reach the right markets and new markets.

Our tourism sector clients include:
- Anne of Green Gables (Tourism PEI)
- Portland Maine Visitor & Convention Bureau
- Tourism Ontario
- British Columbia Tourism
- New Hampshire Tourism
- Vermont Tourism
- West Sweden Tourism Bureau
- Newfoundland Labrador Tourism

Traditional tourism market research is still very valuable and will likely remain so. But today, with over 2 billion people online around the world and the increasing role of social media, online research for tourism is absolutely critical. Fortunately, that’s where we come in. We have completed over 40 tourism market research projects. We can handle almost any language; in fact we’ve even done with Gaelic.

Social Media Market Research for Tourism
When it comes to tourism research in social media, MediaBadger is a leading global authority. We’ve conducted a number of research projects in North America and Europe. We have multi-lingual capability for German, French, Spanish, Italian, Persian and Chinese (Cantonese). Using our proprietary mediasphere360 software and professional human analysts, we deliver insightful results to your team in easy-to understand reports.

Beyond Social Media Monitoring Tools
We go far deeper and provide analysis that social media monitoring tools just can’t. All of these tools only monitor in a single language, they are limited in the channels they monitor and none of them dig into the over 200 other social networks like Facebook. They miss the “Deep Web” where many of the key insights are found. We harvest more channels and more information than traditional social media monitoring services so you get the critical insights that actually matter.

The Insights You Need – Not Information Overload
Many analytics and monitoring tools provide some great graphs with lots of nice colours, but they don’t deliver insights. Our reports include graphs, but with detailed analysis and easy to understand language. We explain the findings in language that means you can make actionable decisions. Reports are tailored to your requirements, you guide the process.

Actionable Insights
Our research into online tourism markets is filled with insights that result in immediate actions. Information is delivered with graphs, social mapping and plain English analysis to help you clearly understand what is happening not just in social media, but the Web as a whole. Social Media today is a critical part of tourism research. Knowing your online tourism community is key. Tourism marketing campaigns today must involve social media, and the tourism ROI on social media is valuable – but only the up front tourism research on social media channels can help you define the right metrics, which social media monitoring tools for tourism will work, when and how as well as establishing a budget for tourism market research.

Insights From Our Social Media Market Research
For tourism operators and regional authorities our insights can help you;

  • Identify niche markets online and how to cost-effectively reach them
  • Find new markets for conventions
  • Understand what people are saying about transportation services around your area
  • Learn which countries, regions, provinces, states and even cities online traffic is coming from
  • Understand what tourists who’ve been to your location are recommending to other tourists
  • identify ways to develop highly targeted marketing campaigns and promotions
  • Truly make your online marketing spend more effective
  • Identify markets to avoid or what to change to appeal to people researching your destination online
  • Develop key partnerships with complimentary operators and services to expand reach and add value
  • Understand how to better attract eyeballs online and drive web traffic to your online properties

Research reports and scope vary in size depending on your needs and requirements. You’ll work with a senior consultant and assigned analyst to scope the work and for report delivery later on.

Contact us today at 877-867-7610 ext 701 to speak with a consultant about your tourism and social media research requirements.

Tourism Research